Domestic DG Shipping

Shipping Dangerous Goods domestically is not the same as shipping regular goods!

All Dangerous Goods shipments have special requirements to be safely transported, including very specific labeling, marking and documentation which clearly identify the material being shipped.  Most, except those in Excepted and Limited Quantities, require special packaging.  These special packages are specified by the United Nations.  They are manufactured and tested under strict quality assurance programs and are designed for the safe transport of your dangerous goods.

Shipping dangerous goods in non-UN specified packaging is, of course, dangerous and against the law!

DGM Boston is your dangerous goods specialist and can assist in all aspects of shipping your goods legally and safely!

At DGM Boston, we understand that hazardous materials require special handling and packaging to ensure the safety of everyone involved. That’s why we specialize in providing hazmat packaging services that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Our team of specialists have over 30 years’ experience and knowledge to handle a wide range of hazardous materials, including chemicals, batteries, and medical waste. Please see our complete list of services and reach out to our team with questions you may have.